2011 That is Almost Over

In just one more day, 2011 will draw its final curtain. And looking back over the last twelve months made me realized how far have I come this year. 2011 has always been a very personal year to me, especially since I have started to plan for my engagement ceremony since July 2010 (Yes, that's how long I've been planning my wedding). I guess the highlight of the year began with significant change in my work. It was in March 2011 where I was finally given the opportunity to cover the Airline sector after lobbying for it since I joined the department in February 2009. I'm not saying the Consumer sector was not fun, but the Airline sector has always been a dear to me since I joined the company.

But I guess, the Airline sector proved to be a lot tougher to cover than I expected. I had anticipated cyclical earnings and high risk from jet fuel price volatility but, MAS gave a whole different challenge to my skills as an analyst. The next highlight for the year was my engagement ceremony in May 2011. It was a low-key affair by many standards but my engagement was one of the many high points in my life. It was when I came to a sudden realization that in 9 months' time, I will be marrying the love of my life.

The high point continued in July where I found out that I had passed my CFA Level I examination. And shortly after that, I acquired my first car. Though not as fancy as expected, I think buying the car was one of the best decision that I have made. It was a practical choice and so far, it has been reliable to me. So I won't say much more on that.

I guess, I'll be leaving 2011 with no regrets. I have done great things and met with great people. I've discovered new friends and new acquaintances. So, goodbye 2011 and I'll be ready to meet 2012.

My New Year resolution? To be more content and grateful with what I have and not regret on things that I don't have.

Have a great New Year Everyone!

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Got My First Wedding Gift.

Went out for dinner with some friends as a very good friend of mine came back from UK on year-end holiday in Malaysia. Last time I saw him was just after Aidil Fitri in September this year. What surprised me was at the end of the dinner, after our gossiping session at Chawan (Chatime was already closed at the time), he told me that he has something for me as a wedding gift. I was not expecting anything from him and if there was ever anything from him, I was hoping that he would be able to turn up for my wedding.

Anyway, thanks for making my night Khalid. Thanks for the gift and needless to say that seeing you tonight was more than enough as a wedding gift. I still digesting the fact that you will not be around for my wedding but I hope that you'd be around when I have my first child (whenever that is. Haha).

So there you go, 35 days to my wedding, and I have gotten my first gift. Thanks again. Alhamdulillah :)

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A New Start?

I recently read a blog of someone who I had just met a week ago. This person is just like any ordinary person - or so I thought. It turned out that there's more to this person. When I had a conversation with him, I noticed that he has a very refreshing way of looking at things. It's not that the way he thinks is totally out of the box but, it was just plain refreshing. I'm further impressed by his manners and attitude in life. And then when I read his blog, it inspires me to revive this blog. I guess I've forgotten what blogging was all about. Blogging is all about writing on whatever that ticks you. It does not have to be long, but just enough to highlight what you believe in.

So I hope that this will be the new beginning of this blog. And to this person, thank you for inspiring me to do something that I have long left behind.

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Wedding Bliss

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of a very good friend of mine today. He had the solemnization ceremony on Friday and the bride’s reception on Saturday. I only have the opportunity to attend today’s reception because I was at another wedding in Ipoh yesterday.

I think, the best thing about attending a wedding is when it is the wedding of your good friend. And I guess, I have never felt happier when I see the bride and groom at a wedding then I was today when I saw him and his wife for the first time at the reception.

To the bride and groom, may Allah bless your marriage with lots of love and joy. I am so happy for the two of you.

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Welcome 2010

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010. This entry may be 5 days late but I’m going to post it anyway.

One year had passed, and what have I accomplished in 2009?

If someone were to ask me what 2009 is to me? I would say it is a career year. I know that I started working in 2008 but for six months between August 2008 and February 2009, I was actually under Management Trainee Programme at my company. Therefore, in true meaning of being employed, I started my career as an investment analyst in 2009. It actually feels nice when people ask you what do you do? And you are able to say, “I’m an investment analyst.”

In 2009, I had my first vacation using my own hard-earned money. In August, I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a 4-day-trip with my friends. It was actually nice to know that you pay for your holiday with your own money.

2009 ended with my 2-week vacation in Mumbai, India. I think the holiday in Mumbai is a perfect way to end 2009 as my Career Year. I had a great time there and seriously, after spending 14 days there, I have to say that I really appreciate that I am born a Malaysian. I also bought a nice gift for myself to mark the year 2009 and I hope and pray for a better year in 2010.

There are a lot more things that I wanted to achieve in 2009 but did not materialise. I pray that these things will become reality in 2010. If 2009 is a career year, 2010 will be more on my personal life. I pray to ALLAH for a better year in 2010 and may my hope and dreams become reality this year.

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